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by Begin at Zero

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Begin at Zero's second album, recorded Apr 2015 - Jun 2016.


released September 6, 2016

For Kevin D. Brown

BaZ is:
Chris Spirit Brown - guitar/bass/vocals
Janelle T. Kaiser - guitar/vocals
Daniel Maddy - drums

Music and Lyrics by Chris Spirit Brown
Additional Composition by Janelle T. Kaiser & Daniel Maddy

Track 2 Inspired by the Short Story "The Ceiling" by Kevin Brockmeier

Engineered by Chris Spirit Brown & Janelle T. Kaiser
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Spirit Brown
Produced by Begin at Zero

Cover Design by Chris Spirit Brown

Special Thanks to Alec Castle, Mathew Goldberg, Jessi Kellogg & Paul Koglin
Recorded in St. Louis, MO & St. Robert, MO



all rights reserved


Begin at Zero Rolla, Missouri

Heavy metal / rock band based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Track Name: Volcano and Waterfall
The city stood in shadow
Right beneath
The temple in the mountain
Ground asleep

Up there, the monks would pray
For peace
But High Priest John cast a spell
In greed

He found a book inside a cave
That told him how to be a deity
To watch from clouds and twist the world
Create, destroy in perfect harmony

But casting this spell would turn
The mountain into an active volcano
The eruption would kill
Thousands in the city below
John didn't consider himself a selfish man
So he cast another spell

Waterfall, waterfall
Save these fools from a tragedy
Keep them fine and alive
For my new reality

The ritual began
In disguise
The monks found out too late
And reacted with surprise

Ascending, John became
One with the sky
Then the mountain roared
Like a dragon

Embers spit and lava poured
And everyone was quickly breathing ash
Disintegrating homes and bones
Parents begging children not to cry

Looking down upon the mess
John asked himself what went wrong
If one spell didn't work
He too might be vulnerable
He then realized he was no longer ascending
So he screamed

Waterfall, waterfall
Save this fool from a tragedy
Keep me fine and alive
Give me back reality

All of a sudden, John was burning

Waterfall, waterfall
I'm a fool sunk in tragedy
What was wrong with that book
What is this reality

High Priest John, High Priest John
We're the ones you killed today
We will haunt your afterlife
Haunt you for eternity

Track Name: The Ceiling
She comes down
From a delusion
About how
Her life is wonderful

She looks up
And sees an oddity
It seems flat
Yet screams solidity

The sky falls slowly

She finds out
About her broken heart
And asks why
There's tension in the air

She sits down
In sheer serenity
And goes back
To existing leisurely

The sky falls slowly

She steps out
In curiosity
She's pulled down
By a painless gravity

The square plate
Is larger than it was
She looks in
And her reflection shows

The sky falls slowly

She's alone
She lacks adjacency
She invites
Friends from a fantasy

The sky moves
To kiss the ground below
She puts up
A hand to wave farewell

The sky is falling

Track Name: Lost in Vigil
Once upon a time
There lived a lonely prince
Who could not fall asleep
He was waiting

His castle was abandoned
His family was gone
The walls became his subjects
The roof his god

He stays there
On his throne, beneath his cover
He feels sick
So he wanders to the courtyard

He thinks he hears
A stranger coming through
It's just the sea
Still flooded, far from anything

Softly and silently
Where did they go
Why won't they come
Will they return home

A knock upon his door
A visitor had come
The first one all these years
Was a demon

That told the prince it could
Take away the hurt
With a slumber spell
It was his choice

He ponders it
The demon is impatient
His rushing thoughts
Have never choked him like this

He screams his choice
He'll go to sleep forever
The demon nods
The prince's mind just stops

Softly and silently
Where will I go
What is to come
Will I return home

Where am I

Track Name: Trial by Leviathan
The sun was rising from afar
The horizon seemed aflame
A gust of wind propelled my sail
Just enough to keep me sane

The lonely waters stirred a bit
I felt a sudden chill
And then I heard a shrieking sound
That made my heart go still

From the depths of the ocean void
Came a storm of waves and mist
I thought of home, thought of my dogs
And the girl I never kissed

Finally, that thing appeared
Comparable to none
Majestic, loud, gargantuan
Its head eclipsed the sun
And our eyes met

My sight fades
My screaming stops
I reach enlightenment
And then I plunge

Into the undefined
It's a hell I can't describe

The creature had submerged itself
With me, still skin and bone
Down we went until we reached
Its master on his throne

He said he was the overlord
Of the seas and islands here
From below, he ruled above
His fiend commanded fear

I told him that I'd like to leave
And return to my own land
Bwahaha, he said aloud
This chasm never ends

But go ahead, run off, farewell
I'll even arm you with a blade
Five minute start before my pet
If you're truly not afraid
And so I swam

Why was that my choice
I'm no braver than my voice
I can hear its cry
I will surely die

The demon is now dead
I see the surface just ahead
A familiar shore I greet
My trial is complete

Track Name: Little Creatures
Little creatures
Compromise to
Merge into a monster
And build themselves some towers

Mountains, skyscrapers
And a courthouse
Erected from the ground up
Make home to many powers

Kings, bums, policemen
And a princess
United in existence
Preserve the peace and order

It's an adorable
New nation
Until the population
Fills up to every border

All they want to do is separate
They might fight each other to escape

King Clown has made
All his predictions
And written some convictions
The kingdom in a jail cell

Some might picture
An uprising
With mutinous devising
But no one is a rebel

Little features
In the darkness
Appears to be harnesses
Strapped on as party favors

Once they're finished
With the sentence
Life will be all the more tense
The screams of warring neighbors

All they want to do is separate
Slaughtering each other to escape

All they want to do is separate
Destroying themselves 'til they're extinct

Track Name: Harvest Altar
A meeting
In the town square
Figure what we'll do
With the stranger man

Never seen his face
Never seen a man like him
But I've heard the tales
Dreamed this day would come

He's the angel to lay down
Upon the harvest altar
Offering of flesh and soul
Born for the gods we feed from

Ceremony costumes that were
Sewn by our ancestors
We put them on and say

All hold hands
All must chant
Take this man
Take this man

A tribute
To the gods above
To the sick and starved
To our children here

Calm yourself, dear man
Your honor is so high

You're the angel to lay down
Upon the harvest altar
Offering of flesh and soul
Born for the gods we feed from

Ceremony costumes that were
Sewn by our ancestors
We put them on and say

All hold hands
All must chant
Take this man
Take this man